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We build a powerful cross-platform presence to maximize your profits.

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Performance-Focused Winning Marketing Strategies

From short-term business breakthroughs to long-term sustainable scaling, we help your business expand with proven multi-channel strategies using high-converting designs, search engine optimized content, and specialized paid media campaigns. 

Our team of specialists produce measured and customized solutions that target your digital concerns and specific growth goals.

Why We Do It Better

Power up your sales with our full-service, performance-based e-business management services tailored just for you.

Here are 6 areas where we excel:

1. Research

At Geeklies, every department is required to work together in the research and ideation process. This ensures a well-rounded approach that is inspired by creativity and grounded in reality.

2. Strategy

We don’t believe in clickbaits and quick-fixes. We build action plans based on past successes and algorithmic updates, incorporating tools and channels that promise the highest estimated traffic.

3. Revision

Despite our extensive experience, we implement an attitude of continuous learning. If something isn’t working, we’ll work on it and that’s our secret ingredient: tact and taking calculated risks.

4. Content

Content creation for digital is an art in itself. To figure out high-converting keywords and designs is as nerve racking as it is rewarding. Lucky for us, we keep up with the latest trends, memes, and ads!

5. Optimization

While you will mostly find a single SEO specialist, or at maximum a department, that knows what this field is about, here everyone is aware of the basic SEO practices which makes our SEO team’s life (and yours) much easier!

6. Cost-Effectiveness

While searching for the right fit, you’ll either find a one-man startup promising unrealistic metrics at a negligible price or big names emptying your wallet before results begin to show. We offer the perfect middle-ground.

Our Lead Pullers


From scheduling posts to monitoring conversations, managing community, and auditing accounts, we keep a tight check and balance.

Media Buying

We identify your audience and test the communication channel, ad types, and cost plans that work best.


We modify your content to maximize visibility and impact Google’s SERP in your favor.


Enjoy user-friendly layouts, mobile/PC optimization, and cross-platform compatibility that keeps your audience coming back for more. 

Content Marketing

We research and apply competitive keywords, search terms, hashtags, and topics to increase traffic and engagement on relevant platforms.


From minimally powerful graphics to bold head-turners, we give your audience a reason to engage.

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